Constance McCloyConstance McCloy,EdD,PT has been an energy work practitioner for 10 years and a physical therapist and academician for more than 30 years.  She has studied Esoteric Healing energy work with Julia Moses,PT,Barbara Briner,DO and Rene Fugere,PhD.  Constance’s background as a clinician,researcher,teacher and spiritual seeker has provided a wonderful foundation for her energy work services.

“I have studied several forms of energy work,but when I learned about Esoteric Healing ~ 10 years ago,I literally felt as though I’d “come home.”  I like Esoteric Healing best because it utilizes a unique blend of “art and science” and an opportunity for “soul connection” that helps individuals realize their wholeness.  In Esoteric Healing,the client’s soul literally drives the process,providing intuitive guidance to both the client and the healing facilitator.  Over the years of working with both people and animals,I’ve found that Esoteric Healing is a gentle,yet powerfully effective process for raising awareness,and for balancing the body,mind and spirit. It is a wonderful adjunct to other modalities of treatment (e.g.,psychotherapy,recovery from illness/injury,personal growth etc.).”

Additional Information:

Esoteric Healing Practitioner Since 2001
Completed Levels 1-IV and have assisted in teaching these levels.  Completed Advanced Levels A-D
Is in training to become a teacher of Esoteric Healing through the International Network of Esoteric Healers (INEH;www.ineh.org)

Physical Therapist since 1977
Past and Present Clinical Focus Areas:Orthopedics and Sports Medicine,Geriatrics,Health Promotion and Wellness,Aging-in-Place for Older Adults
Private Practice Business:Hope Health Promotion,Indianapolis IN

Faculty and Administrator in Higher Education since 1988:(Randolf-Macon Women’s College,VA;Slippery Rock University,PA;Indiana University,IN;University of Indianapolis,IN)
Current Focus Areas:Health Promotion and Wellness (specialization with Older Adults);Nutrition and Aging;Spirituality and Aging;Chronic Disease Self-Management